Why would you do preventive maintenance for your Heat and A/C Systems?

Preventive Maintenance keeps your system running at the highest efficiency possible and will help prevent those unwanted EMERGENCY NO HEAT or NO A/C calls.  Preventative Maintenance for your Heating and Cooling systems is very much like the regular maintenance you do for you car by changing the oil and filter. If you never change the oil in your car, you will get away with it for some time, but eventually the engine will ping and have permanent damage.  To keep your heating and cooling system well maintained, the recommeded service is once per year per system.  Ideally, heating systems should get annual maintenance before the heating season begins in the fall and A/C systems in the spring.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

At Absolute Mechanical Systems we have developed a program to keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak performance, to save you money on you utility bills, to extend the life of your systems, and most importantly, to help prevent unwanted emergency calls.  During a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visit our techs will thoroughly check the system operation both for safety and wear, clean and lubricate motors and moving parts and change the filters.  If parts show signs of wear or any issues are found the tech will let you know and recommend solutions.

Benefits of becoming a Preventive Maintenance Contract Customer?

At the beginning of each year we offer our best pricing for our Preventative Maintenance program.  All contracts that are renewed and paid by March 30th for both heating and cooling will receive a $10 discount on each unit.  In the spring the office will call to schedule maintenance for your A/C unit and in the fall we will schedule maintenance for your heating system. In addition to the equipment benefits, contract customers receive preferred scheduling in the event you ever need emergency service as well as a 10% discount on all part and a $5/hour discount on labor.

Preventive Maintenance Service Works ~
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